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Your unique recipe is your tradition. How you optimize your process is ours.
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Industry Expertise

We understand your industry. With experts in distillation and operational optimization in the fine sprits industry, we don't touch your unique recipe; we help you make more of it. Model predictive control (MPC) is a proven strategy that helps distillers such as yourself increase alcohol yield and stabilize production that allows you to maintain your quality and crafting traditions consistently.

Download the presentation from the Distillers Seminar that shows how MPC increases production.

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Getting more from existing equipment

Plant equipment constraints are always shifting so it is difficult for plant operators to optimize a plant all the time. Adding another line or more equipment is costly. MPC uses a dynamic prediction model to proactively predict, control and optimize process performance with your existing equipment. Get the most out of what you already have.

Learn how Jim Beam applied MPC to improve operations. Download the presentation from the Distillers Seminar.


" Our operators should focus on high value tasks. Pavilion8 allows us to do that, without compromising any of our process or quality. "

Kevin Ludwig, Jim Beam
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Should I really change anything? It works, sort of.

Controlling a major process unit effectively usually means dealing with multivariable systems. It is extremely unlikely that treating each control loop independently will provide optimal control. The control action of one loop often affects the other loops. MPC handles complex control, predictably.

Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning is transforming digital operations. Learn more.

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Where is the value?

Our ValueFirst® project methodology is our commitment to your satisfaction with our solution and your investment. Each project begins with a pre-project value assessment. This baseline is used to conduct a value assessment following project implementation. Our comprehensive report indicates the project’s cumulative return on investment.
This information enables you to justify the value delivered by the project against expectations and easily compare it to other alternatives for future projects. The report also includes best practices and process refinements identified during the project’s execution to ensure that future
implementations build on lessons learned and successes achieved.

Listen to the Podcast about ValueFirst

"Any changes to your plant needs to respect and maintain your unique recipe and process. Our critical consideration is to manage the whiskey process to your recipe and tradition, forcing adherence to the recipe. Our Goal: Make as much of your unique products as we can, exactly as it should be, without any compromise of quality or taste.

Kent Stephenson Principal Engineer, Rockwell Automation

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