What do I do with all of this data?

FactoryTalk Analytics Data Explorer


What IS Data Explorer

Take the first Analytics Step

Taking the first step in your digital transformation may seem a little daunting at first glance. You have so much data, in so many sources, it may appear overwhelming as to where to begin. You need to see what data you have, and decide what is relevant to your objectives. 

Data Explorer enables you to visualize and graphically interact with your data. Observe and detect issues and then use an array of tools to clean it, to align and interpolate it, to enrich it with known concepts (specific energy, heat imbalance) and identify observable lags or helpful time-shifts in data. 

Correlation and statistical tools let you explore and find performance relationships. Get your free trial today.

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Limited time offer

As a Rockwell customer, we are offering a limited time free trial software download of FactoryTalk® Analytics™ Data Explorer. 

Is it that simple?

Yes! No gimmicks, no strings attached. Just try it out and if you can use it, you can activate the software. If not, it will simply expire after 60 days, and you are done!

  • Full version trial
  • Active for 60 days!
  • No further obligation.

We believe observing and interacting with your manufacturing data is a powerful first step on an Analytics journey. With the excitement around Big Data and AI, see what you can discover.  You’ll probably be surprised what you can find in your own information and it will be easy to extend/purchase after the trial if interested.

It really is that simple. Just sign-up below to be notified when available and we will send you the download link.

key features

  • Visualize past data for information discovery
  • Clean data graphically and simply
  • Wizards for smart, flexible time-merge of diverse data
  • Graphics and analysis aware of data status and time alignment
  • Quick statistical summaries of data
  • Correlation and ranking including determination of shifts in time
  • Export prepared data for reporting or use in diverse ML toolsets
  • Transform data visually without programming

Visualize Data


Plot & Correlate



Rank by Correlation


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